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This was my first time to use the WhatsForDinner app. It was very easy to navigate and the response time between each entry was really quick. Overall I thought it was excellent.
Straightforward and support is good. I like using it. Maybe not the slickest looking but then again I'm here to order something.
The problem with this app is that it's TOO handy and user friendly! Makes it all the more tempting not to cook
Great variety. A notice when the order is out for delivery would be awesome.
Its everything you need from a food delivery app. None of the drivers are rude either, they are very approachable and appreciative

Read Our
Great Reviews

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How it works
You can order from as many restaurants as you like, at any time. Get food delivered straight to your door. Order your favourite now! Hassle-free payment. Choose from a wide variety of menus. Order from as many restaurants as you want!

What’s For Dinner is a delivery company in Ireland that allows you to select from Galway, Athlone, Mullingar and few other city's finest restaurants. We have a large selection and variety of restaurants from burgers and chips to Thai, Indian, Chinese, Pizza, Turkish Kebab House's, Italian, American and much much more.

What’s For Dinner makes food delivery in Ireland easy. Thai, Indian, Italian, American — what to choose? How about all four?

No more compromising when you fancy a curry and your mates want pizza. No placing multiple orders and letting food go cold while you wait for the rest to turn up. No going back to the drawing board when your favourite high-street restaurant isn’t doing deliveries. We’ll collect for you.

Download the free app. Pick your restaurants. Choose your meals. Wait 30 minutes. Get piping-hot food and ice-cold booze to your door. It’s that easy.

1. Download the app, choose your location and browse menus from your favourite restaurants near you

2. Pick the food and drink you want — no matter where it’s from

3. Pay by cash or card and enjoy your takeaways — no compromise needed

We deliver takeaway food in Ireland for people in Galway, Athlone, Mullingar, Drogheda and many other areas. We’re constantly adding new restaurants to our platform and expanding, so if we don’t deliver to your area or your favourite restaurant isn’t on our list, keep checking back. When you join the What’s For Dinner newsletter, you’ll also be the first to find out about new partnerships and where we’re going next.

We offer multiple methods of payment. Pay in cash upon delivery for some restaurant who accepts cash, use a What’s For Dinner takeaway gift voucher, or pay by card. When you order through our free and easy-to-use online app, you can also securely save your card details to make ordering future meals quick and easy.

When you place an order, you can choose between “Delivery Now” and “Delivery Later”. We always aim to deliver ASAP orders within 30 minutes, but, unfortunately, delays from restaurants can be out of our control. If your order is more than 15 minutes late and we haven’t notified you and given you the option to cancel your order, we will work with you to make things right.

When you place an order for delivery, we’ll assign one of our delivery drivers to you. Then, they’ll jump in their car and travel to your chosen restaurants. Our drivers can also make a stop at your local corner shop or off-license to pick up a bottle of red, a six-pack of beers or whatever else you fancy to wash your food down with. When we pick up meals from multiple restaurants, we store them in thermal insulated bags to keep your food piping hot. Once your order is delivered, all you need to do is tuck in and enjoy.

Absolutely. When you receive an order or during checkout if you paid by card, you can make a discretionary payment of a tip to What’s For Dinner. The delivery driver will receive 100% of any payment you choose to make.

Struggling to buy a gift for a friend or family member? Do they love food? Our What’s For Dinner gift vouchers are worth from €5 to €100, so whether you want to make it easy for a friend to buy themselves dinner as thanks for getting the round in or you want to go all out and buy them enough hot dinners to last a week, you can find the perfect option for you.

You can select pay by "Gift Voucher" option during checkout in payment option.

You will see an option in bottom of shopping cart "Have a coupon code?", which will let you enter a valid coupon code. For details please visit How to enter coupon code.

This Guarantee applies to deliveries made within 5km radius of the pick up location.

5km radius is calculated using Google maps at the time of ordering.

Only valid from participating restaurants as advertised on our website / app.

Vouchers must be claimed within 24 hours of ordering.

Vouchers can only be claimed through our live chat facility . Your Order number is required on all correspondence.

Maximum of 1 Voucher Per Customer Per Week and Applies to all orders over the value of €15 ( excluding Delivery Charge )

Vouchers are processed by our office team on a Monday. Once weekly & at no other time & will only be forwarded to the email address from which the order was placed.

Vouchers can not be swapped for cash or any other form of credit.

Wrong or incomplete addresses, eircodes or telephone numbers will make the Gurantee offer null & void.

Addresses with restricted access, ie, gated community , apartment complexes with buzzer access only , stair ways that are not freely accessible, will be time measured at the road side point at which the driver has unrestricted access.

One attempted delivery will be made by our driver. Customers who fail to answer the door or telephone, to ensure the driver can drop off at the first attempt will be excluded from claiming

Please fill in the form Apply Now.
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